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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

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Here I am with another crazy project: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, which politically existed from 1801 to 1922 when Ireland left.

My idea is to build a team in Premier League, of course, with the best players from England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and North Ireland only.


When I had to choose the team I had two ideas in my mind: Liverpool (which has a tradition and a lot of good english players already) and Tottenham which has, probably, the best two at the moment (Kane and Alli, plus other good ones). Considering it would have been difficult to sign Kane managing Liverpool, I went for Tottenham and immediately put all the non UK players on transfer list.

When I thought about how to build my team, I decided to do it from the forwards first: I imagined Kane (93) as only striker with Sterling (91), Alli (91) and Bale (95) behind him. 

Choosing the others was easy, considering the 4-2-3-1: Ramsey (91) and Henderson (91) as midfielders, Walker (91), Dier (91), Cahill (91) and Rose (90) as defenders.

Since I couldn't sign Hart (91) as golkeeper, since he is on loan to West Ham, I decided for Forster (89).

That's my dream, now let's see who I can buy and who not.


Now I already have Dier, Rose, Alli and Kane in my team and before the beginning of the season I was able to sign Bale (in exchange of Lamela and Son plus 6M) and Ramsey (in exchange of Eriksen).

Most of the others were exchanged by their team to foreign teams so I will be able to make bid for them soon.


Back ups. I already had some goods in my team such as Trippier (87) and Davies (88). My first choice for the central defense is Stone (89) but Smalling (90), Jones (89), Keane (88), Evans (88), Maguire (85), Clark (85) are other good options and I have to consider the price too and not only the rate if I want to complete a decent team. Milner (90) and Clyne (90) would be great as well as fullbacks but I don't think I'll have enough money to sign them.

Midfielders: Wilshere (90) and Barkley (89) are the big names but their price is high for their value. I already have Winks (82) who will get a +3, maybe, so my choice for now are Delph (88) and McArthur (87) since they're playing in their team this season and their price is low enough. Keep an eye on Allen (89), McCarthy (89), Tom Davies (83) too.

Forwards: so many names here and my fav are Oxlade Chamberlain (89), Redmond (88) and Rashford (88) but Sturridge (91), Lallana (91), Wellbeck (90), Vardy (90), Walcott (91), Berahino (87) are good options as well. At the moment I signed Brady (86) only.

Youngsters: I'll write about this later.



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