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Are you wanting a real custom league challenge?


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New custom Game World ID : 372356   just opened to any manager looking for a real fun challenge! 

  • 3 divisions each containing 16 select English and Scottish clubs.
  • Every club has the same initial 300M transfer budget to help prevent hoarding and give a fairer playing field to many.
  • No transfers from un-managed teams, but you can still buy from managed clubs and external clubs.
  • Individual cash transfers capped at 70M maximum value to help prevent Neymar-type crazyness! :eek:
  • 2 transfer windows (open until game wk10 and then again from wk 20 - wk25)
  • The bottom 2 managers from each league will lose their jobs end of that season (pressure is on) :(
  • We have 3 clubs relegated and 3 promoted (the 3rd promoted team will go up via playoffs)

This 'Robstar's Challenge League is open to all managers, I will confirm your admittance and then you simply choose a team available and welcome to the challenge! ;) 

Please spread the good word and let's fill those new custom league

game world ID: 372356 vacancies!!

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