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Bug/Issue with Attendance - Far Below Stadium Capacity

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Currently my team, Tottenham Hotspur, are joint-top of Division 1. They have also won Division 1 for the previous two seasons, as well as winning a Cup, Shield and 2 Charity Shields in this time period. Despite this high-level of achievement, we are only averaging an attendance of ~36000 at home, when the stadium capacity is 90000. This means that the best team in the game world, with the highest level of consistency and achievement, are averaging near 60000 empty seats every home game. In London! In real-life, Spurs managed an attendance of ~76000 just last week, against Bournemouth. Consider that in reality, whilst overachieving, Spurs aren't doing anywhere near as well as I have got them going.

Twice I have submitted a bug report to SM and twice it has been closed with an unhelpful, default reply of

"Soccer Manager does not edit any information related to the database. This is because the database is all user generated on the Soccer Wiki and this information is then transferred over.

It is unacceptable to me that I can suffer such a loss of earnings from ticket sales whilst SM does nothing to address that the game engine does not recognize my new high-capacity stadium. 

Has anybody else experienced this issue? Is there anything else that can be done to bring attention to this?

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I won 4 bundesliga, 3 champion cup and 2 dfb pokal and my attendance is still around 25000 a match, while I have 75000 places in the stadion... waste of earning I agree with you...

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