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WC 34900 - RSC Anderlecht


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My first love, my first team!

Allready 698 games played, and every day i'm so excited to see them playing and winning lots of games. I have made history:

Winning the first 3 seasons every division: 4-3-2, so in the 4th season i was playing with the big boys. Only 1 time i was regelated, but 2 seasons after, also with winning the division I was back... And how! Last season, for the first time in my career I won the 1ste division. It was a close game against Barca! For this season, i'm in fight with PSG (new in the division) With only 2 games, it will be difficult to win.

What's my gameplan? Easy: For years i'm looking talents, I buy not expensif. The ratings aren't higher than 91, but every season i win a price.

An other good thing in this gameworld, for the moment there are 7 other managers, i hope they will stay, but I'm allways looking for more managers who wants to try to win every price :) Like me: beginning low, tracking young players and becoming the new star manager in the league!!

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Division 2's Schalke has appointed Daniel Gramberg as their new manager. Expectations are to promote within the coming 2 seasons to Division 1. The board offered manager Gramberg a huge amount of money for transfers so some new signings are expected the coming days. As well it's expected that Atletico Madrid will be countering a few of those offers for new players since new manager Patchett has been appointed by them today.

Schalke's new manager debutes tonight against Galatasaray in an away match. Manager Gramberg expects a close match between two even teams. 

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