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Nainggolan v Kovacic

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On 1/11/2017 at 11:38 AM, Söziy said:

I know there's a +2 rating difference but I'm looking to invest.


Nainggolan is now 29 yo whilst Kovacic is just really starting his career at Real Madrid.


Who would be best to have?

I would buy Nainggolan in your place. 

Kovacic might be interesting in the long term but to rise in ratings  (especially to surpass the 92+ range) he needs to play way more. RM midfield is arguably the best of the world, so it would be difficult for Kovacic to get solid playtime anytime soon - even with an aging Modric (who should be able to play at high levels for at least 2+ years)... As prospects for the long term I would look elsewhere for wonderkids who actually play regularly: for example Tielemans and Torreira would be amazing buys if available.

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