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I believe that the transfer system is all wrong... don't get me wrong I love soccer manager, however let me explaine... 

Allowing Chester City go sign Berbatov, and iv seen in other leagues top top players playing for league 1 sides.. I think personally it ruins the reality of it all.. I believe there should be something in place for example; If I was managing say....Colchester United in league 2 (4th league) and I put an offer in for say  Jamie Vardy i think there should be somethingto say "Vardy does not want to play in the lower leagues.. or just have him reject the contract, or both! I think it ruins the game. Yeah we all love making signing but a lot of signings iv seen are ridiculous! Coventry (league 2 same as me, Berbatov, Marvin Emnes, Emanuel Eboue, Isaac Hyden. Maicon for Notts county?? Luis Fabiano for Mansfield town?? What the hell!!! I would love to see this game more realistic with contract turn downs etc..  coz let's face it the. Players would NEVER join them teams!! 

I Hope people agree with me, if you think about it it would make the game a much better place, a bit harder... but realistic! 

I really hope something is done about this! Not for me but for users everywhere round the world and new users, you may attract more people! 

Coz let's face it... Soccer Manager is the best football management game out there but needs tweaking for realistic reasons!

Thanks for reading.. 

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I'm not sure if it's still in place, but I know there used to be a rating limit on players that you could sign. I believe you could only sign players that were a certain number of points (10?) above your average squad rating. In this case, even if the standard Leyton Orient had the money to buy Messi, it would be refused as he is too far above their average squad cap.

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It's a good suggestion. You must be able to buy young players of big teams, future stars like Asensio or Jesus. I think, if you want it very realistic, it will be very difficult for managing a team in 4 division, without buying great players...

For making a better team, what do you need: Better players. In a lower club, you havn't normally not enough money to buy a lot. So, you must make a strategie: Buy young for the future.

I'm buying almoust players >23. I take's time, but after a few years :P i have a great team. average 90.

One suggestion: If you play in division 3 for ex.: only buy players of division 2 or 4. Can also be a good system.

second suggestion: You go down a division, a top player asked for leaving.

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