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Ronnie Jones

Concern Levels Inaccurate and Unfair

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European Super League GAMEWORLD ID 232878


Piotr ielinski develops concerns about game time reaches level 2.


Then proceed to play him, starts 13 out of next 15. He is now LEVEL 4!!!


What am I supposed to do? The percentage of games he demands should be from his last concern.


I get the impression in week 36 hes started 16 that their always taking the overall percentage which is unfair.


ALSO he only developed these concerns as he was an 88 and hadnt played much. He then got a plus 2  and develops a concern for not enough game time. Which infact he wasnt due gametime as an 88 but now I'm paying the consequence for this bug.


Seems very unfair. Has anyone else had this issue? Hoping someone from SM can assist.

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