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Back on the block

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Hey everyone reading this.

After an almost two year hiatus i am back on the block. Due to illness i wasn't capable to play this game. I noticed that a lot of gameworld's are without many managers. I hope that will turn around soon and i am always on the lookout for a challenge. So hit me up if you would like to invite me to a GW. If you have any questions or remarks just pm me here or if you see me in chat ;) 

Happy playing to you all and good luck :) 

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I reacted in my profile to your reaction there but i will repeat it here as well ;) 

I would try a 4-2-3-1 or if you are daring a 4-3-3 as deep as possible with two Defensive midfielders having to stop the opposition's Attacking Midfielders from having the space in which they can function. Playing wide with full backs is in order to play across the flanks as obviously this formation will fill the centre over and over. Of course, you could try playing narrowly yourself and matching the opposition shape as well depending on the players you and the opposition have.


Of course i would love for other managers to give their insights if they want to :D 


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