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Brazil Serie A - Campeonato Brasileiro - News & Player Discussions


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Previous Brazil threads have been closed, so here we have a revival! I follow the Selecao and Brasileiro closely and would like to open up a new topic thread.

Please also take a look at Brockys thread - info below! (hopefully he will update with the end of the campaign)


The big news...

Corinthians are crowned 2017 champions

Transfer latest:

Wendel (FLU) seems almost certain to move to PSG

Relations between Santos and Lucas Lima have gone very sour and he will no long be allowed to play for the club - Palmeiras are waiting to snap him up

Palmeiras strengthen by obtaining the ever impressing Diogo Barbosa (Cruzeiro) and are seeking a replacement for 39 year old Fernando Prass - National team keeper Weverton (Ath PR) & Cesar (Londrina) have been eyed

Sao Paulo want a new keeper, Walter is mooted (Corinthians) but Jean (Bahia) is an attractive option

Corinthians first signing as champions, is hoped to be Junior Dutra (Avai)

Damiao future at Internacional uncertain, so they are linked to Roger (Botafogo CF)

Robinho will get a new contract

Willian Jose may consider a Spain call up



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Following on from the news that Botafogo were prepared to extend his contract, Robinho has been handed a 9 year prison sentence by an Italian court for his part in a gang rape case. The ruling can be appealed so no sentence can be carried out until the case is decided upon appeal..........

"Brazilian footballer Robinho has been sentenced to nine years in prison for taking part in the gang rape of a woman in Milan in 2013.

An Italian court ruled the 33-year-old and five other Brazilians assaulted the Albanian woman, who was 22, after plying her with alcohol in a nightclub.

The forward, who left AC Milan in 2015 after five years, was not in court but pleaded not guilty via his lawyer.

The sentence will be put on hold until the appeals process is completed.

Robinho, capped 100 times by his country, spent two years at Manchester City and currently plays for Atletico Mineiro in Brazil.

A post on Robinho's Instagram page said he had "already defended himself against the accusations, affirming that he did not participate in the episode" and that "all legal measures are being taken". "

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America Miniero bounce back to Serie A has champions of the second tier.

Internacional promote in 2nd place (IMO way underachieving considering their players and investment, they also sacked their coach Guto Ferreira ( an expert on Serie B - Neil Warnock of Brazil if you like) on 11th November - with 4 games to go in blind panic to get the championship)

Parana & Ceara join them in the top flight.

On that note, America captain Rafael Lima - who scored the goal today who got his side the championship, was not on the flight of the tragic Chapecoense side that were decimated by the plane crash in Colombia, having fallen out of favour at the Chape side and not making the Copa Sudamerica squad.

With America has had a stellar campaign on the back of such a awful event in which he lost many a friend, and the club which turned his career around after almost quitting the game in 2012.........

Chapecoense have also sealed there survival for another campaign the top flight. No mean feat for a completely new team.

Of the 3 survivors of the playing staff, Alan Ruschel has already returned to the first team and racked up 5 appearances, Helio Neto hopes to play again in 2018, and Jakson Follman, the goalkeeper who had his lower left leg amputated - is training with the first team.  ForcaChape

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Vitoria grab a vital win in a relegation 6 pointer v Ponte Preta. The Campinas club drop into Serie B

Atletico GO have already gone back down after coming up last season, and the final day will see a 4 way battle to stay up

on a 2 win streak, Avai (who got a win today v Ath PR) & Sport (beat Fluminense on Saturday), are fighting against Vitoria & Coritiba. All will be desperate for the points they need to survive.

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17 hours ago, ombarcagunners said:

Melo Arthur to 83 ?

would be a good bet. 83 or even 84.

& Michel to 83

12 hours ago, azoT93 said:

Keep or sell Everton Felipe - Sport Recife

Had interest from Europe in August, since then been injured with a crucial ligament & Sport staring at relegation. 

He wont rise, he will likely stay at Sport to get his career going ahead, should it be Serie A or Serie B. 

Personally, id sell and see where he is in 6-12 months

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5 hours ago, Ahmed said:

This is the Brasileirão best XI of foreign players, according to stats site Footstats


Not a great side - the number indicates the ranking in their position - So in goal they have the statistically 20th best!

No Trellez, No Otero, No Cazares..

Balbuena is the best centre back for sure - has been contacted by Europe for a possibly January move

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2 hours ago, d5v1L said:

can you give some insight on Luan of gremio? i only know him from couple of videos from youtube, whoscored stats and his hype.. is he really good? can he rise in the next review? 


One of the best players in Brazil, now being hailed as the next Ronaldinho after his goal won Gremio the Copa Liberatdores final,  and a chance of glory at the next Intercontinental championship.

He is a late bloomer, didnt get serious until his debut a 21. From 16-18 he lost interest in 11 a side and played futsal. This has hone his abilities to play like the legendary R10.

His goal last night, pick the ball up wide and bamboozled defenders with a shake of the hips, waltzed into the box and proceeded to dink the ball over the keeper.

He is labelled a game changer, can make others around him look brilliant. Slowly he has become more and more a household star for the national league, and Tite (NT coach) has recognised this and added him to the Brazil side. I expect him to make the cut for Russia, there is pressure from the national population, as there 'wildcard' attacker.

He was the guy that rescued Brazils Rio Olympic gold medal after Neymar, Gabriel Jesus & Gabigol had misfired.

I dont think 90 is out of the question, i think once we see him at the Intercontinental they could well give him 90. Deserves it.

He wont be moving any time soon however, Gremio have tied him down until 2020.

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1 hour ago, Ahmed said:

Arthur had to literally be fouled off the pitch in order to be stopped. One of Barcelona’s top targets, he was voted the best player in the Libertadores final as he ran the show for Gremio.



Fantastic addition this season. I hope he stays for now and goes to Russia for the WC. One to watch at the Intercontinental Champs


1 hour ago, Ahmed said:

Is Eder Militao in the database? I can't seem to find him.

He is not. Got some serious gametime, looks a player for Sao but they need a shake up. They were poor this season

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@-JMH- seeing you also follow the Selecao closely would you mind adding a little write-up on the team? I'd be interested in you thoughts on Tite and his tactics. A week ago FIFA published this two-part interview:



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Time wont permit me to write an article, but as Tite eludes to, Brazil is not about an individual, it should play as a unit. As Tite has said in the interview, ideas from European coaching have been implemented, as well as fitness levels taken more seriously. This results in a Brazil side that will harass, press, be more aggressive.

Tite has developed a mantra of 'Dont rely on Neymar', take him out of the spotlight by putting players around him capable of making things happen. Brazils problems were well documented at the last World Cup. Lack of a centre forward. But now with this fluid front 3 if not 4, they have a number of players who can take and finish a chance.

Paulinho, Willian, Renato Augusto - were definantely not favourites in Europe/outside Brazil but outstanding team players for the Selecao. Will do the hard running, dirty work and create

We will see the form of Firmino & hopefully Coutinho pushing for places too. There is great strength in depth now

What could be scary is the plays used by the Rio 16 team. It wasnt working in the group stages, and in comes this magician Luan, and transforms it. What Brazil now have is a Plan B, a Plan C.

Further strengths will be the goalkeeper. They have 2 keepers playing at the highest level - Ederson & Alisson. 2014 you had 2 domestic based (Victor & Jefferson) and Julio Cesar at No.1  with a spell at QPR & Toronto behind him

A few quick thoughts and oversight!

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