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I believe someone within my gameworld is falsely reporting transfers than are mine and of other people.

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Gameworld ID: 5261

I dont know what to do anymore. Theres a manager in my gameworld falsely reporting my transfers and other peoples. There is a manager who manages atletico madrid in my gameworld who accept my transfer request for Costa (52 million + aritz aduriz was the price i put) it was accepted 12 hours ago, 2 hours ago apparently I the transfer was reported to SMFA and was blocked. Before this it was blocked 2 or so times before, this manager is willing to sell me diego costa. I also have a friend in Soccer Manager who manages Arsenal who is asking for Mohammed Salah another atletico player (in my gameworld) , I am unaware of what the price was but he is complaining to me that his transfers are also being blocked. I did publicly ask in the gameworld for it to stop, it didnt, which is why im here. I dont not know what to do anymore as I feel as if someone is deliberately sabotaging the futures of the clubs within the gameworld, and we dont know why. So my question is, what do I do? Do I continue sending transfer requests for Costa, likewise does the Arsenal manager for Salah? Please tell me what I should do....

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