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!!!QUESTIONS closing gameworlds with less than 2 managers!!!

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So I've been playing soccermanager for a very long time probably over 10 years and have had the same club since the beginning.

Furthemore, I used to be an active member on the forums years ago on a previous forum account and I was the person who suggested the Player of the Year award and Golden boot award at the end of season amongst other aspects which were added to the game.

Having played for so long its finally reached the point where there are only 4 managers left in my gameworld and i can't help but think this is all due to the ineptitude of Soccermanager developers who would open new gameworld upon new gameworld week by week which didn't have full number of managers anyway.  It shouldn't be my responsibility to find new managers to join the gameworld.

Now as a result there is little/no enjoyment in participating in soccermanager worlds which had a great concept but you have completely destroyed it.

I would appreciate any responses on this issue especially from mods





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I'm all for getting the older GWs filled up. I've been in English Championship 220 for 10 years and have recently been trying to fill it up, in order to not just be more active and interesting, but to stop it getting shut down. I maybe interested in joining your GW, may I ask what the GW ID is?

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