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2 managers on my Gameworld taking advantage of the inactivity rule on SM.

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There are 2 managers within my Gameworld who I and others believe are taking advantage of being inactive. I WILL NOT SAY THEIR NAMES UNTIL I KNOW A MODERATOR WILL LOOK INTO THIS. What exactly do I mean by taking advantage? Well I will explain. I, as well as many others would know that if you are inactive on any gameworld you will receive an email stating that within a certain amount of days if you do not log in again to that gameworld you will be removed from it. The only problem with this and the 2 managers are exploiting this issue is that they can just log into the gameworld and close the app again and wait a couple of weeks to get that email again then log into that gameworld again and repeat the process. 1 manager indefinite has been doing this as I have been in this gameworld (77)  (ID:5261) longer than him. I remember him joining and then nothing. Nothing. I have not seen him buy or sell a player. Also at certain times when I check how long the both have been inactive for (or when he was last online), the highest amount I have seen repeatedly is around 14 days. I believe this is unfair they both have a lot of world class players in his team (thanks to the previous manager) and the real managers who are playing properly and being treated unfairly because they are coming online and being proper managers. 


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