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Player need review

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Hi guys,


Norwich City have a number of players that IMHO seem to need their ratings looked at.

Jamal Lewis is not listed and yet is being watched by Premier League scouts. The left back must rate an 82-84

James Maddison is being talked about as a potential 20 Mill pounds transfer in the summer and is still rated 78...at least 86 

Christoph Zimmerman is rated 78 and is matching it with Timm Kloser 87...again at least 86

Ben Godfrey was Man of The Match in a recent FA cup game against West Ham playing on loan for Shrewsbury...mid 80's at least.

Look forward to your review.

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Championship players will struggle to be rated any higher than 84.

Rule of thumb

Promoted sides are 84/85, standout players sometimes 86

established first teamers 83/84

fringe players 78-82

Id expect Timm Klose to fall in ratings, the Championship will get a review at the end of the season (May 2017) was the last time

Alot of the Norwich squad are overrated, but hard to drop likes of Pinto & Oliveira as they play every week but they will be in line for 85/84 if they stay at that level. Hoolahan, Tettey, Hanley will drop -1.

Jamal Lewis not in game currently, id say 77/78

James Maddison 84

Timm Klose 85

C Zimmerman 82

Ben Godfrey 74/75

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