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Help With Deal(s) Thread...

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I decided that there are about 5 threads made a day about should i accept this deal or what should i negotiate to and i thought to keep the forum a more tidy and less complex place you could just have

Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I will get i Started then hopefullt more people will follow. I made an offer fro Drogba in GC9 Of 22mill Pepe+Baptista. My Chairman stopped the deal! What should i do

Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Jordy Clasie.

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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

pique or thiago silva+huntelaar

choose one side please ;)

I would prefer Pique tbh.

Bale + Cavani or Sanchez for Hummels + Kagawa + Eriksen? If so who would you rather give' date=' Cavani or Sanchez?

Or would you rather just do Bale for Hummels?


Out of Sanchez and Cavani I would rather give Cavani and keep Sanchez.

Another one.

P.Jones(mine) for Luiz Danilo and Otamendi?

I'd do that' date=' Jones is a bit overrated, get Danilo and Otamendi, especially if you need depth.


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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

Coates for Hoarau?

I'd be getting Hoarau.

Actually the deal is done but anyways I need some confirmation on what kind of deal it was. I mainly did it due to my lack of strikers. Just had Bafetembi Gomis and he was not match fit but anyways opinions?

Dont see him ever rising in fact only way is down for him if he doesnt play much but it will be gradual. Coates is far from being a 88/89 so comsidering ur lack of forwards its a short term fix, although I suggest u use Gomis to get a better forward. Gomis and Hoarau isnt exactly inspiring :)

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