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Help With Deal(s) Thread...


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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

You seriously have to stop putting your hand in your pants everytime you see or hear about Reus.. Jeez...

Anyway. Kuba should hit 90' date=' and that will most likely be his peak. Reus is young and has settled quite well with Borussia, at the end of the season Reus should be 91 if Borussia does a great season and has a good CL run.

Javi Martinez will probably be a regular for Bayern, but i dont think he will be rising this season, even tho he probably might peak at around 93/94 i guess if he fulfills his potential. While i see Reus peaking at 92 personally (he might rise more thought, who knows).

ABout the deal, if based just on the 3 players i wouldnt do it, if you are full of better fwd's and wingers, but you badly need a CM or CB than i would consider doing it.[/quote']

I'm honestly bored to listen all the rubbish opinions on Reus.He proved,he's in the NT,he's in the best team in Germany.I'm bored to listen all opinions from some guys who never saw Reus.Your reply just show how ...... you're. :).Not a surprise.Typcally for some guys on this forum at the moment.Honestly...based on your comment I think this forum was a lot better without you :).Prove how childish you're..God.

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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

Robben = Huntelaar + Markovic + cash

Javi Martinez = alex Song

Marcelo + Rami = Pique

Cavani = Hazard

Which side on each?

Keep Robben. He's better than the offer which you've gotten/going to get.

Javi Martinez is better than Song and he's also going to play so Martinez over Sogn.

Pique is better than Marcelo and Rami

Hazard side and by a 100000000 miles!

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