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Help With Deal(s) Thread...

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I decided that there are about 5 threads made a day about should i accept this deal or what should i negotiate to and i thought to keep the forum a more tidy and less complex place you could just have

Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I will get i Started then hopefullt more people will follow. I made an offer fro Drogba in GC9 Of 22mill Pepe+Baptista. My Chairman stopped the deal! What should i do

Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Jordy Clasie.

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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

PSG top the table now. If they win the league' date=' I don't see why Matuidi can't get 91. He's been a regular player in their midfield.

Aaaand he's younger.[/quote']

Well' date=' Matuidi is younger, they both play for about the same strenght squads imo. Inler is rated higher though, for that reason i suggest you take Inler. I would just take Matuidi for my personal liking of PSG[/quote']

ok thank you,i guess i know who to buy then:)

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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

Yeah' date=' but I'm mulling over El Shaarawy. If he keeps performing like now, he would be 90 or 91 next year right?[/quote']

You're right. He might get 90 at the end of the season :/

But he may not reach 94.

Even if he does, that will be in a few years.

Higuain is only 25; he's still got many many years left. And he's already at 94.

Rooney and Van Persie = Ronaldo

Who would you have?

The Man Utd strikeforce.

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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

My M'vila for Witsel???


Rooney and Van Persie = Ronaldo

Who would you have?

I'll rather have the duo rather than Ronaldo. Van Persie should get 95 in the next review while Rooney is a solid 95. Having 2 95s is better than a 98.

What about swapping Pato and El Shaarawy with Higuain? I own the Milan pair.

Decent deal in getting Higuain whose a solid 94. Pato has already dropped to 91 in the Italian review and would drop even further if he goes to Brazil while although El Shaarawy would rise even further in the future' date=' it's still worthwhile to get Higuain.

Fabregas for Torres + Hazard/Gotze/Suarez.

I'll probably go for Torres and Gotze. Torres should keep his 92 rating as he's starting to regain his long-lost form under Benitez while Gotze imo could peak highest among the trio.

My Modric for Yaya and Dzeko/Valdes? In the squad have Busquets' date='De Rossi,D.Silva,Hart,Rooney and Aguero. Thanks for all replies yest!Double K is mine.:)[/quote']

Since you already have. got Hart as your No. 1 goalkeeper, I don't see the reason why you should be going for Valdes, he's nothing that spectacular, rated 93 just because he's the No. 1 goalkeeper for the mighty Barcelona. So go for Yaya Toure and Dzeko.

Maybe I will do this deal: my David Silva for Kroos and Lahm

Gold Championship' date=' Manchester City, 352. Neymar would replace David Silva as wing and Lahm would be a starter for me (Kompany-Clichy-Lescott for now). Kroos would be a starter if he rise to 92 and a probably starter if he rise to 91.

I think that would be a good deal for me, what do you think?[/quote']

Get the duo without even thinking. Silva is a solid 94 and I don't see him rising in the near future as he does not seems to be able to regain the form he possessed last season. On the other hand, Lahm is a solid 94 and has a shot for 95 given Bayern fine performance in the UCL and Bundesliga while Kroos would get his 92 rating in the next review.

Vermaelen or Coentrao? I have a bid for Verm accepted but Coentrao is now available.

Vermaelen. I don't see Coentrao rising in the near future having to fight for the left-back slot with Marcelo in Real Madrid.

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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

SAIVET' date=' Henri or ESSWEIN, Alexander = Gary Hooper

Should i swap either for Gary Hooper? Or stick with what i have?[/quote']

Keep the two


With me getting Evans ' date=' Which two of :




should be sold ?

And also what are ur opinions on :

Martin kelly

Marcos Rojo

Samuel Umtiti

Marc Munisea[/quote']

Armero, and keep all 4 of then


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