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Help With Deal(s) Thread...


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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

I would be getting Willian.

I'm trying a few different combinations to see if i can work something out but he seems pretty keen on these two.

Try to give out someone else rather than Rodrigo mate as he would be getting the better side at least for now. Willian could very well go 92+ from what he has shown up to now (especially in the CL) but he needs regular game time at a top club which is not certain ATM.

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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

Aguero or Pedro?

Aguero without a doubt.

i have arbeloa and a manager has offered a straight swap dealwith kyle walker what should i do

Keep Arbeloa' date=' great chance of hitting 92 in the next review.

Lucho Gonzalez is worth a buy?

Grab him unless you could find someone whose better and younger.

Higuain+Ramos for Messi?

I can change any of those two for ozil or Benzema. I have cavani and Aguero as my other strikers and Kompany' date=' Cheilleini, Pique and Vidal as my CBs (3-5-2). Should i do it? Messi cant get any higher and surley 2x 94's for him is good?[/quote']

I'll probably go for Higuain + Chiellini to get Messi. Both Cheillini and Higuain are solid at 94 while there's a great chance of Ramos hitting 95 in the next review, that's why I'll rather keep Ramos.

Would people accept Luis Suarez + Isco for their David Silva?

Get Suarez and Isco without a doubt, Suarez should hit 93 in the next review and Isco would rise by at least a +2. On the other hand, D.Silva would not be rising in the next review as he's unable to regain the form he possessed last season, the duo is def the better and safer option.

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Re: Respuesta: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

Aguero :P

Vidal or Marchisio?

I'd go for Vidal simply becuase he's much more versatile then Claudio. Age can't really seperate them as Marchisio is 26 and Vidal is 25. You could argue Marchisio is on a better National team though. Vidal is a work-horse and I love his energy and versatility in real life, not to mention He's very useful in SM. Although, He's not Zanett ;).

I'd definetely pick Vidal :). Interesting to note, Vidal has missed a couple of penalties I believe. :P

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