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Help With Deal(s) Thread...


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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

Keep Ribery mate' date=' he's such a technically gifted player and a vital player for both club and country and rated 95, higuian is a good player I'm just not sure whether he's a great one. Real Madrid often rotate with higuian and Benzema, there's also been a lot of talk over the past year of higuian leaving the Bernabeu.[/quote']

Most people lean towards Ribery.

I also considered age but when I look at the squad I have RVP Cavani Gomez Tevez and Muller can play fwd too.

I think I'll keep Frank. I also wonder if Higuain is one of the greats. He's still young enough to improve and have an injury free 20 goal season.

Thanks guys.

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Re: Riferimento: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

Sanchez or Courtois + Hermann?

I tend to agree with the majority here.

Young talented keepers are hard to come by' date=' with Sanchez being in a position that has an abundance of players far more talented and with more potential than him then definitely get the duo.[/color']

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Re: Riferimento: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

Jordi Alba + Thiago Alcantara or Mario Gotze? Thanks :)

Get/keep the Barca pair mate' date=' Xavi's replacement for years to come (eventually) as well as potentially SM's best LB of the future.

Plus high rated left backs are the most sought after position in game, so has to be the Barca duo for me.

I am a massive Gotze fan but there are just so many players in his position that it makes him less of a necessity than Alba.[/color']

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