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Help With Deal(s) Thread...


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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

Thx :)

Btw' date=' will robben get his rating back?[/quote']

With the type of player Robben is, it's highly unlikely that he will retain his rating back, for he is the type of player that is all about pace and trickery and with age that's something that gets harder to perfect and be able to do

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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

12M for Luke Shaw

Luke Shaw is looking a good player, very young and getting a lot of game time at the saints. Depending on how valuable money is and what other players you could possibly sign for money, I would pay that for him, but as I said that depends on what other things money could do for you.

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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

12M for Luke Shaw

Grab him' date=' young and promising youth. Has since been linked with moves to Arsenal and Chelsea during the last transfer window, def has the potential to rise further and is worth the investment.

S.Khedira or A.Vidal?

Vidal, better player and is more versatile.

I have Ribery.

I've been offered Higuain.

I've got loads of options I dont particularly need either player.

what do you guys suggest?

Keep Ribery since you need neither of them. Higuain has peaked at 94 as he has to compete with Benzema to start. Ribery could easily be ahead of him and has a decent chance of hitting 96 if B.Munich could well win the treble.

David SILVA or 12m+ robben?

I'm getting robben

I'm toward keeping my silva

Keep D.Silva as I don't see Robben getting back his 94.

Valencia + Welbeck for my Di Maria

Which side?

Valencia and Welbeck.

Jovetic or Bonucci?

Alaba + Azpilicueta or Alba?

Which sides

Jovetic and Alba.

thanks for the answers guys ;) repped who l could' date=' l got another question.

my g.Castro for Leitner+Sobiech ?[/quote']

Keep Castro.

gameiro for lukaku ????

Get Lukaku' date=' decent chance of getting a +1 in the next review.

Jordi Alba + Thiago Alcantara or Mario Gotze? Thanks :)

Jordi Alba and Thiago.

Sanchez or Courtois + Hermann?

Courtois and Hermann without a doubt.

Philipp LAHM OR Dani Alves?


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