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Help With Deal(s) Thread...

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Re: Riferimento: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

Hi all!

I've been offered two deals and I need your opinion. The deals are the following:

1) give my Pereira Maicon + A. Hernanes + 3 M for Marchisio.

2) give my Pereira Maicon + M. Klose + 5 M for K. Huntelaar.

Should I accept any of these two deals? if yes which one and why?

Thank you

I'll get Marchisio' date=' starting regularly for both Juventus and Italy, better chance of hitting 93 as compared to Huntelaar.

ive just recieved and offer to do a double trade i own tevez and j carcia and ive been offered vucinic and pogba.is this a good deal?

Get Vucinic and Pogba.

Aly cissokho + cash or Sturridge?

Sturridge. Started his Liverpool career brightly after he

hey is dzagoev worth buying will he rise?

Get him' date=' was one of the best player for Russia in the Euro 2012 and was previously linked with a move to Arsenal.

Christian Zaccardo OR Bonera.

Who will stay at the rating of 88 longer, and who will player more for milan? :)


ive being offered affane and benayoun for jack rodwell? ive also being offered vidal and de ceglie for david silva? i think they are poor deals but whats ur opinion and what wud ur counter offer be.teams im dealing with are chelsea and juventus at season 1 turn 1???

I'll get Affane and Benayoun for Rodwell if you are in need of depth since I don't rate Rodwell highly, he's not playing regularly at Man City and keep David Silva.

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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

just bought jackson martinez of porto from an external team for 6mil

Is he worth taking the risk? As he wont be starting in my team or on the bench

Will he increase?


That's seriously a real bargain for you. Top scorer for Porto and is linked with moves to Barcelona, Liverpool and Chelsea.

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