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Help With Deal(s) Thread...


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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

Been offered Cardozo + Chadli + De Ciglie + Masi for my Cassano and Grosskreutz. What do people think?

The 4 players for me. Chadli is better than Grosskreutz imo and the 3 players left are better than Cassano.

which of these bale deals are the best? i have bale

neymar + lukaku

hazard + lukaku

falcao + oscar

gundogan + alaba

also who is better matic or garay and will either rise?

are GHILAS' date=' Nabil and sam byram worth signing[/quote']

Gundogan + alaba is best offer, no brainer.

I prefer Matic, but I would look which position you need most

I just know Ghilas by name. Sam Byram is a good talent, but Englisch talents are mostly overhyped. I think there are better options than these two.

My Casillas for Neuer?

Neuer for me' date=' is younger and certain of his place in the team

Jackson Martinez + 5-7 mln for Aubameyang?

Jackson Martinez + Griezmann or Aubameyang + Benteke?

Two times the right side!

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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

I prefer Neymar :)

Nop ... Ibra will stay in my opinion

I'd probably say Neymar got his big move to Barcelona and he can only rise. Ibrahimovic I'm not sure about this season especially with the purchase of Cavani I would go for Neymar.
Ibra wont drop for a while.... his magic is still there... but Neymar's resale value is better and he will rise quickly. Get neymar.

Wow 100% Neymar :). Thanks guys.

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