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Help With Deal(s) Thread...


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Re: Riferimento: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

Are you joking? Heskey was crap' date=' Welbeck is crap and English talent is probably one of the worst compared to Germany, Spain and France... And thats coming from an English Man U fan..:eek:[/quote']

Yes , I am joking . Draxler is miles better ,why do you think Arsenal wanted to pay 40 M for him ?

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Re: Odp: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

Should been offered Falcao for my Lavezzi and Subotic

Good deal?

I'd keep the duo tbh.

Lavezzi can play (if I'm not mistaken) at 6 different spots in SM.

And Subotic is a quality CB and high rated defenders are a rare commodity in this game.

Vieira MARCELO and Miralem PJANIĆ or David ALABA

I'd choose the duo' date=' but only just.


(in terms of long time future rising..)

I'd sign / keep Michy.

He's the Belgian league topscorer and he has lots of qualities: power, speed and creativity, for instance.

He's destined to join a bigger club, in the near future imo.

Dzeko or Negredo?

My choice would be Negredo' date=' who's having a pretty good debut season for City.

I wonder why Dzeko's SM rating is still higher than the Spanish striker's.

Cash + Chicarito + Darren Fletcher for Suarez

Good deal?

Unless it's a ridiculously high amount of money (which would come in handy, later), pick Suárez, mate!

The guy just can't stop scoring.

how is lamela doing?

I'm afraid he's having a really tough time adapting at Spurs and PL football' date=' buddy.

Lars Bender and Fellaini OR Alexis Sanchez?

In case both Bender and Fellaini start for you, keep them!

If not, get Sánchez. :)

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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

This is probably not the best place to ask this, bgut does anybody know how I can get list of the best players like Henry, Crespo, Schevchenko etc when they were at their peaks. Just for good old times sake, i really want to see what SM rated these guys back then. Bt not just those uys, a whole list of old stars

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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

Diego Costa for Gundogan?

Obviously 2 good players.If you need a forward then YES as there's far fewer top forward's than there are cm's.If you don't need a forward then I'd prefer Gundogan but that's only a personal choice as I don't think there's much in it as there both clearly on the rise.

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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

A. Cole or L. Shaw?

Koke or Schurrle + Van Ginkel?

Thanks in advance :)



Azpilicueta + Kovacic or Gundogan?

Gundogan for me

Diego Costa for Gundogan?

Diego Costa though there's not much separating the two of them

What is best? Rank me please

Thiago Silva or Cahill + Negredo + Azzplicueta or Hazard + 20M or Hazard + Cahill

Depends on what the 20m can get and if you have a good replacement for Thiago Silva. If the 20m can get you a quality CB then I'd rank the above like this:

Hazard & 20 million

Hazard + Cahill

Thiago Silva

Negredo + Azpi

If the cash isn't useful then:

Hazard + Cahill

Hazard + 20 million

Thiago Silva

Negredo & Azpi

This is all assuming you have a good CB to replace Thiago Silva

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