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Help With Deal(s) Thread...


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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

Bit off-topic' date=' but do unmanaged clubs make loan bids now?[/quote']

Last time I checked, they did.

Azpilicueta + Kovacic or Gundogan?

Provided depth isn't an issue' date=' I'd pick Gundogan.

A. Cole or L. Shaw?

Koke or Schurrle + Van Ginkel?

Thanks in advance :)

Sorry if I'm stating the obvious, but in the 1st deal it really depends on how long you'll stay in that setup. If you're leaving in less than 2 years, I'd opt for Cole.

Otherwise, I'd go with Shaw.

In the 2nd deal, I'd get / keep the side in bold.

Mata or Higuain?

I'd choose Mata' date=' but only just.

I believe he may recover his past brilliance, now that he's left Chelsea.

For me, the Spaniard has more class than Higuaín.

Two deals on the table currently....

Gotze for Muller

Gotze for Oscar and Giroud

What deal would you take?

Interested to see what others think before I proceed.

I'd go for the sides in bold.

I imagine you have Gotze, so I'd exchange him for Oscar and Giroud.


I'd sign / keep Gundogan. ;)

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