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Help With Deal(s) Thread...


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Riferimento: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

STERLING for JANUZAJ? long term


Verratti or Rabiot+Barkley?

Easily Rabiot+Barkely' date=' especially for Barkley

My Mandzukic for Rakitic and Milner?

My Robben for Benzema?

Rakitic alone is better than Mandzukic

I'd go for Benzema, but only for his age

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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

Varane plus pepe FOR david luiz

Definitely the Real Madrid duo.

Ramsey or Januzaj + 6M + Angelo Henriquez?

The bolded side just edges it for me.

I believe Januzaj has great potential.

mignolet vs leno?

Mignolet is gonna rise sooner' date=' but Leno is the better GK and has more potential.

So, my choice would be the German.

My De Sciglio + 2M for Vermaelen?

DS + the money.

Alberto Moreno or Lucas digne?

I'd buy / keep Moreno.

Muller (20 apps 15 goals 5 assists)' date=' Reus (21 apps 5 goals 5 assists) or Cavani (25 apps 31 goals 15 assists)?

I have all three and I want to get rid of one in order to P/E for someone else.

Which one should I let go?

PS as a side note, Cavani and Muller get played up front, Reus on the wing...

Thanks :)[/quote']

In SM terms, I guess selling Cavani would be the wisest move.

Reus and Muller are younger, they play in a better league and for a better NT.

They also play AM / F (RLC) in SM, if I'm not mistaken.

Dante + Rabiot + Cragno or Angel di Maria?

I'd pick Di María' date=' mate.

Ozil or Rooney !

Ozil, just because he's younger and plays for a better NT.

I can only get 1 of these young players' date=' Julian Brandt or Jonathan Tah. Also will Jonathan Tah be getting a rise or has the review passed.

Or should I opt for Timo Werner instead?[/quote']

I'd get Brandt.

He's the most promising of those 3 youngsters, from my point of view.

PS: the Bundesliga review is over. ;)

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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

Looking to sell my Diego Lopez in order to get a better #1 GK

Should i get Casillas or Muslera?

My average squad rating is 91' date=' so Casillas would be good but Muslera is younger and may be better long term?


Mate let me just say that Muslera will never achieve a rating that Casillas has.. Get the spaniard

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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

my friends offer me :

modric to get my hamsik+4m

raul garcia to get my fredy guarin

should sign both' date=' cant choose one.

is that a best deal for me?[/quote']

No, I would not give Modric up, he is world class.

There other one is up to you.

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Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

Jenkinson could have a +1?


A. Moreno or R. Rodiquez?

What rating will they have in a year? :D

Moreno ' date=' linked with better teams ,moreno will be 90 next week , depending how he will play for his new team he will gain at least 1 more point

which i should sign?

Hugo Lloris or Salvatore Sirigu?

will Sirigu hit 92?

Lloris much better GK , Sirigu can hit 92 , but i dont think he would cose PSG want to buy another GK , Lloris is a strong posibility to join PSG this summer.

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