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Help With Deal(s) Thread...

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who should i buy from Ramos' date=' Pique or Kompany? been offered all for 50 M each, Money no issue[/quote']


Do you guys think that Oblak could be expected for a rise soon?

yh should get a +1 soon

Would you expect Ivanovic to drop or Garay to rise anytime in the future?

definitely get ivanovic could rise when they do prem ratings' date=' had a great season with chelsea

Any thoughts on this??

get reus, drawler has fallen off recently

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I was tied between him and pique' date=' will pique not rise this season for winning LA liga and champions league?, also he is younger[/quote']

he has a chance of rising but with sm its hard to tell if he will rise, personally i don't think he will

Which attacking midfielder: Firmino' date=' Enzo Pérez or Pastore?[/font']

pastore for sure

Can Anyone help

? ?

i'd go with salvo i think he should have gotten 90 already

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I've had a offer accepted for turan' date=' 15m + henderson is he worth it?[/quote']

In real life terms yes....

In SM terms, tough as Henderson (who a lot of people will tell you is a brilliant player, but he just plain is not) will be Liverpool captain soon and will probably eventually hit 92-93

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