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Help With Deal(s) Thread...

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hi everyone' date=' I've got about 5-6m to spend on a squad player DRLC / DMRLC (2nd/3rd choice in case of injury or for cups).

Would you buy someone older with an established rating, e.g.

Evra 34/91 for 5.3m

Barzagli 34/91 for 5.5m

or a youngster with potential, e.g.

Jeffrey Bruma 23/87 for 5.8m

Rugani 21/87 for 5.3m

Tolisso 21/87 for 5.7m

who would you go for from the above... or any other recommendations of players?[/quote']

I would definitely, definitely get Toliisso, he is a fantastic player, one of the three future starts of French football who play for Lyon (Fekir and Lacazette) the only difference with him though is not only has he basically played every minute of football this season for Lyon, but he also has that very helpful RB/LB position, he is by far your best option out of those, I 100% see a rise for him at the end of the season to 88 and depending on if Lyon can pick up a bit of form and play well in all competitions, MAYBE 89 (if not a +2 this time I feel he'll be 89 very soon)

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I decided that there are about 5 threads made a day about should i accept this deal or what should i negotiate to and i thought to keep the forum a more tidy and less complex place you could just have

Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I will get i Started then hopefullt more people will follow. I made an offer fro Drogba in GC9 Of 22mill Pepe+Baptista. My Chairman stopped the deal! What should i do

Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Jordy Clasie.

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henrik mkhitaryan or calhangau and verthonghen for griezmann?

Out of those two deals' date=' I guess Calhanoglu and Verthoghen for Grizzly is the best shot term option, I believe Mkhitaryan could rise come the end of the season.

I'm looking to make a few extra £m to bolster my squad... so...

Keep Azpilicueta 26/92?

or sell for a profit (about £16.5m) and replace with one of (who would you choose):

Carvajal 23/91 12.5m

Coentrao 27/91 8.7m

Otamendi 27/91 12.1m

(or another in that price bracket, ideally someone who should rise to 92 this season)

For me, Azpil is a great solid option at both RB and LB, if you absolutely feel the need to cash in on him then I would go for Carvajal or Otamendi, with the injury to Danilo, Carvajal is back in the 1st team and hopefully he will stay there and Otamendi has started the last 3 games for City, Varane might be another option but I believe if he was available you would already have hiim, I don't believe there are a lot of 92 potential defenders tbh but 1 player I like is Serge Aurier, I believe he has a good chance of 91 if PSG do well and who knows for the future.

Damn whatever happened to the forum (I hadnt logged in like in a year or so :P)

anyways mates' date=' who would you rather buy between Petr Cech or Joe Hart? I can buy either one of them for cash to replace my disgraced Mignolet. thanks in advance![/quote']

Even though I am an Arsenal fan, I will have to say it is unfortunately 100% Joe Hart, not only is he younger but city are flying away with the league at the moment (disregarding the 4-1 spanking by spurs) and he is playing well, so I would say he is a better option at the moment, who knows if city win the league and do really well in the UCL + he plays well he has a slim outside chance of 93.

Cech is a solid option too though mate so have a look at how much your chairman values them both at, you might be able to buy Cech now, use him for his 93 rating and when his transfer ban is up maybe sell him on, make a few mil on top and then buy Joe Hart, if it's not too competitive that is! xD

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Di Maria or Matic?

Would appreciate an answer before after-tomorrow >.>


Depends on your team, Di Maria probably, Matic is a great player but Chelsea are doing e so far so an increase isn't likely any time soon so it's basically a choice of solid 93 vs a not so solid 94, I'd go with Di Maria, depends who you can replace them with though, if there are no good CDM/CM players I'd go Matic and vise versa.

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My current shortlist includes:

  • Muller (22.7 mil)
  • Di Maria (25.3 mil)
  • Lewandowski (26.5 mil)
  • Hazard (35.4 mil)

All of these players are in unmanaged/external clubs. Another team in my game world has also shortlisted the first three players. Given that my current budget is 80 mil (so even if there's a bidding war, I could get at least 2 with some cash to spare), what is the order of priority for me? My current mid/fwds include: Ronaldo, Robben, Kroos, Modric, Xabi Alonso, James, Gotze, Isco and a few other lower-rated players.

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Which defender is best to buy? (I have equal cover CBs and FBs)

94 - age 28 - £28.2M - Pique

94 - age 29 - £22.1M - Godin

93 - age 28 - £19.2M - Bonucci

92 - age 28 - £19.6M - Benatia

92 - age 26 - £16.0M - Azpilicueta

92 - age 30 - £11.3M - Zabaleta

91 - age 28 - £14.7M - Garay

90 - age 25 - £8.7M - Blind

Godin best defender or Azpilcueta, good for future :)

secret machines: James just for me has a bit more potential :)

And I'd keepe Azpilcueta don't feel any of the others will rise just let having. I'd would of said Otamendi but he's a different position and having seen his start at City

Jlammy: Muller, Lewandowksi, Hazard, Di Maria IMO :D

MaxPayne: Di Maria probably the better buy in my view :)

Andrez_rocks: Joe Hart for now and the future a better buy :D

Duncan: Calhanaglou and Vertonghen, so much ability for Calhanoglu :)

Lana: Monreal, he has started the season very well and looks solid and could rise in future :D

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Hi guys' date=' I need to sell in order to buy a defender. Who do I cash in on? My team:

GK: Courtois, Butland

DF: Ramos, Boateng, Kompany, Alba, Laporte, Shaw, Bellerin.

MD: Matic, Oscar, Verratti, Thiago Alcantara.

AM: Hazard, Bale, Griezmann, Depay, Zaha.

AT: Messi, Aguero, Sanchez, Kane.


zaha butland

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Hi guys' date=' I need to sell in order to buy a defender. Who do I cash in on? My team:

GK: Courtois, Butland

DF: Ramos, Boateng, Kompany, Alba, Laporte, Shaw, Bellerin.

MD: Matic, Oscar, Verratti, Thiago Alcantara.

AM: Hazard, Bale, Griezmann, Depay, Zaha.

AT: Messi, Aguero, Sanchez, Kane.


Sell Butland(and buy some 75-78 rating GK)

Then sell Zaha.And if you still need cash sell Depay or Shaw.

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