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Help With Deal(s) Thread...

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10 hours ago, Dasylver said:

Keylor navas to get to 93?

Maybe at the end of the season but I think more likely stay

10 hours ago, Dasylver said:

Any keeper that will rise to 91 or 92? Stergen is not available

Maybe Sergio Rico but not sure

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23 minutes ago, Huggy said:

Should i sign Weigl for 19mil + Bakayoko? Weigl is currently on a level 4 concern at his club

Baka starts with Wanyama, so if i sold baka Weigl would be my best mid along side Wanyama.

I would keep Baka and wait to sign Weigl for money. Or try to offer another player for Weigl instead of Baka. I really like Weigl but he's struggling with injuries lately and Baka is doing pretty well in Chelsea. All on the basis that Weigl is level 4 concern.

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17 hours ago, Afi said:

Suggest some good goal keepers in the range 87-89(other than Ederson).Thanks!

Donnarumma, Alisson, Areola, Horn, Perin, Rulli, Arrizabalaga, Pickford

1 hour ago, Salty said:

Dybala or Kane? I currently have Dybala but I'm unsure if he will rise in the next review, whereas I'm certain that Kane will. Would appreciate any other thoughts.

Personally Kane but both are top class players

30 minutes ago, rbb said:

I need a midfielder for like 14M who could possibly rise. Vecino, Allan, Kongdobia, Pereira, Seri, Wijnaldum or any suggestion?

I'm new in the forum, thanks!

Vecino, Danilo Pereira or Wijnaldum are all good options imo

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