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Hello and welcome to a general topic for everybody who needs help and have some ideas in order to improve the SoccerWiki. 
I made this topic because recently I saw some slow development in the platform and there are some really good members of SoccerWiki (also of the forum).

It is inadmissible to let over 3500 player edits on hold, not to talk about the slow reviewing process in SoccerManager. 
Day after day, time passes and the database tends to accumulate more edits which they never implement ( most of my edits are rejected by the missing of some votes - for example I had 15 votes on league edit and still rejected, and I do not think that all people vote negative, it is absurd...)
My concern is that the SoccerWiki really need some boost in order to keep the platform really rewarding for those who add data (here is not about money, but some privileges - maybe for senior members, like you, who can manage the edits. )

As an example, I voted this week about 1500 player edits (positions, new team, retiring) and maybe about all of player images by checking the internet to be sure. That activity costs time, I know, but if we need to make thing better, we have to start voting, maybe sending some messages to developers.  

This topic should be the place of meeting of everyone who need an advice or information about SoccerWiki. I am really receptive about everything in order to make SoccerWiki a better place for old and even new members. 


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Hi Ziro, i am a SW admin ( well was) and ive been campaigned this since 2011. There is little improvement since then, i ran multiple threads on the old forum about how it all worked, ( all deleted when they updated to this format) If you search 'soccerwiki' via the whole forum you can see many of the historical posts. This is not a new issue, it has been going on every year since 2011.

Recently, I have spoken to an SM Dev in February 2018 and they know there is problems, but there is no method of communications. Twitter not used since 2013, or Facebook page.

But no further contact since...

So many threads worth reading here, maybe pulling info from.


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So I just came back to the game after a long break and thought I would try and help with some edits for the team I support, Donny Rovers...so I am back to 0% despite all the changes I had approved back in the day, that's fine. But I now can't even suggest changes. Am I missing something here?

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