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More control over Gameworld


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Is there any plans to give Gameworld owners more settings and powers to control their setup?

I run a GW which has been going for almost 10 years, but as people's priorities change etc we have more and more unmanaged teams.

Ideally I would like to cut my GW from 80 teams to 60, but have no way of doing this. For the managers that have been around since the beginning a restart isn't feasible.

We also self impose 60 man squad limits, and I'm sure this has been long discussed about introducing a feature to make the game more realistic than teams having 100s of players.

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1 hour ago, Stenners said:

I see this topic went down a storm.

I now have a GW where 51/80 teams are managed.

I really would like to cull my GW from 4 divisions to 3. Is there anyway this can be achieved by SM devs?

It's a waste of time trying to put suggestions for SM on here I'm afraid. The devs don't read it, and if they did they'd still do nothing. You could try emailing them but you'll be lucky to get a reply. 

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Thanks. I assumed as much.

SM Worlds needs a complete overhaul, but it's been completely forgotten for years now whilst they focus on the single player game.

My GW has been running for a decade and it seems a shame that it's going to fizzle out because SM can't be bothered to do anything.


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