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Looking for a competitive and realistic (concerns on) world

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Anyone knows worlds with the following setup:

  • Around 20 top teams (european): I think it's the best setup, most want top teams making easier to be almost always full and avoid unmanaged teams that get stripped of best players and no one wants to manage
  • Concerns ON and close to 30 turns: must have, makes it realistic and competitive, not letting teams have insanely strong squads with lots of 89+ players that don't play. With 14 turns for example the players don't get concerns. The only bad thing is you can only have 1 88+ keeper
  • Login every 14 days it's better 
  • Ideally with no buying from unmanaged but if it's full this isn't a problem, I can't find a world with no buying from unmanaged
  • Transfer windows makes it more realistic but don't really mind if the market is always open (can be more fun)

Similar worlds I've found:

  • The Committed ID: 381336 looks great but is full.
  • The Committed ID: 381336 just applied, it's starting season 1.
  • Terra Earth is just 14 turns, so no concerns

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20 hours ago, j.walker said:

Interesting. Question: will have only one series or two for the team?

If series=divisions, preferably 2 but depends of the teams number, The Committed ID: 381336 with 24 teams has 3 divisions of 8. One unique division is also ok but divisions makes it more fun with fights for promotion and relegation

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My league is close to real....Its the English league....Managers are under pressure if they perform poorly....This consist of 4 warning levels...If a manager reaches level 4 then defeat in next match will mean that the manager will have to resign and the job will be offered to another manager..Managers finishing in bottom 3 will be automatically sacked...There are 2 transfer Windows....In season 2 transfer from unmanaged will be disabled and each manager will get a season objective and failing to attain them will mean that the manager will have to resign..Also each month you have manager,player & team of the month...Game id 381101

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