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King Kenny

Why are your ratings so inconsistent?

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Just logged on to see the ridiculous update on Gareth Bale, why on earth has he dropped a point? The guy smashed 25 goals last season.

Its just confirms the utter inconsistencies with your updates...

Carlos Bacca? Plays a season in a stronger league than he has previously and has as good a season as he had the previous 3? Drops from 91 to 90?

Lucas Moura? Barely plays for a year yet doesn't drop?

Victor Wanyama? Certainly no longer a first team regular, played about 15 games all season mostly off the bench, doesn't drop?

Javier Mascherano, now playing in the joke Chinese league? Never dropped?

There are so many others that don't seem to make sense, but the Bale one is the worst by far.

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Totally agree Giving Bale a -1 to 94 is an outrage. His season stats are still excellent. From 39 appearances he scored 21 goals/ 7 assists. Not forgetting his goals to win the Champions League.

Performs when he plays. Should not get a -1 for lack of games and fans not liking him. 

Hazard has had 2 average seasons yet holds his rating.

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