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Multiple accounts

The SilentOne

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For many months there are teams where the manager signs in just once every 30 days just to not loose the team. Here is a screenshot of 3rd of July that shows the situation in Italian Chmpionship 1 (clubs are sorted by last login date):

Than it's like a miracle. On the next day all of the clubs have loged in (sorted by last login date):

It's quite clear that this has hapened not by coincidence but that just one individual controls all those teams. He destroys all those teams by not doing anything but login evry 30 days. He does this for more than one year. I hope SM takes actions against those teams to make this league (and others as well) competitive again. It is no fun playing in such a league. And it is not the only league (see attachments for German CHampionship 1). I have reported this more than once but SM didn't do anything. 



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In "Campionato Italiano 900" (ID: 43447) we observe the same situation: one person (gianluca ruggiero) manages multiple accounts at the same time. He does incredible exchanges, giving bad players and obtaining very good players; when he plays against "his other" teams, their formations are embarassing (players with values between 70 and 80, when they have players with value > 90).

It's incredibile that he's still here. He's ruining the World Game.

How can we beat him out?

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