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SM & Friends Fantasy Football League 18-19

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This is my first ever post and I thought it might be a good idea to set up our own Fantasy Football League.  We have a great number of top people on this site and this league imo has the potential to be huge in comparison to some others.

IF you’re interested then please enter the Following PIN: 633785 - 139234 on the https://fantasy.premierleague.com/ website.  We all start with £100m and you get to spread it across 15 players in total.  The league’s absolutely free and all points recorded are based upon real fixtures/match events.  

Let’s get as many people signed up as we possibly can and remember this is all just for fun.

Thank You


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Huge thank you to Kev for advertising this league, we currently have at last count 40 participants (Teams).  It looks awesome....if you haven’t joined....what are you waiting for??? (FREE to play).  You have until Thursday Midnight to Enter your Team....Season starts Friday. 

Good Luck to all who have joined and thanks.   



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