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Amrish Premier League is one of the most exciting and realistic game world in soccermanager.After a very successful and competitive season with many very talented managers,We are now entering season 3.For this new season we have introduced a Revision panel consisting of 5 members who will help in some major decisions.

Here are the basic rules of APL in season 3:

1.Season's Objectives

Each manager in each division will be given a season objective based on league finish.If a manager fail to achieve his objective he will enter the danger zone and panel members will vote for the manager to be sacked or not.Sacked managers will be offered a job in a lower division .The performances of every managers will be assessed at the end of the season and some managers might be offered jobs to manage bigger clubs if they perform well.New jobs will be decided through voting from the panel.

2. Job Security

To make if it fairer to managers who have performed well in season 2 and to reward them,there will be the system of job security.So the panel will shortlist some managers who have performed extremely well in season 2.These managers will achieve job security meaning that they will be safe for season 3. So even if they fail their objective,they will keep their job but they will lose their job security for the following season.If a manager who is in the shortlist accepts another job offer,he will lose his job security.Managers who win cups will enter this list automatically.

3.Manager Under Pressure 

The system of manager under pressure which existed since season 1 will remain in season 3 also. During the season if there are teams who appears to be having difficulties or find themselves far from their objectives,they will be under pressure.This will consist of 4 warning levels.If a manager has reached warning level 4,then a defeat in their next match will lead to the manager being sacked.So a manager can be sacked even if the season has not yet ended.

4.Transfer Windows

There are 2 transfer windows in this league.

Window 1 : Turn 1-5

Window 2 : Turn 20-25

5.Manager Log in

Managers must log in at least every 14 days.If they fail to do so then they will be sacked.

We also have a Facebook group (Amrish Premier League).Those who are interested to join in can apply....Game id : 381101 

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