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Yugoslavia VS United Kingdom Unique GW

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Unique GW Yugoslavia VS United Kingdom

Game World ID 391575


 3 divisions with 24 teams ,12 teams from UK :England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland against 12 Teams from Yugoslavia ; Slovenia, Croatia ,Bosnia, Serbia ,Montenegro, Macedonia  mixed into 3 divisions.


Rules for first season :  no buying players over 30 years, no buying players over 88 ratings, player concerns on ,squad cap max 35 players, normal economy, start up budget 300M, empty squads, Not allowed to advertise other GW here !


The managers which will not follow the rules will be blocked and replaced!


If u want to be accepted into this GW u will need to give your best!  Not everyone will be accepted!


By the way dont think you gonna just like that join our GW. In order to join u need to fulfill few conditions ;to be serious .to  manage club more then one season coz u need to build your club from zero so whats the use joining and investing so much work and time  if u gonna quit in the middle of season or even before,to   actively interact with managers ,not to advertise other GW in this one,to be active in GW and on the transfer market ,to reply on transfers and loans and to sign in often and of course to contribute by your feedback and suggestions  and last thing to win some matches!

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