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Anyone can buy top players

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Re: Anyone can buy top players

If anyone wants to make a thread for fixtures/transfers etc. please feel free. I was a bit reluctant because:

a) was not sure how many of us were forumers (but appears a fair few are)

B) I'm kind of tied up at work currently - busy time of the year :(:mad::(

If someone does' date=' let me know and I will try and contribute.

By the way, so far seems a success; most teams are looking pretty good :P[/quote']

Just bringin this up again as now seems plenty of forumers. Anyone who wishes to open a transfer/news thread for the set-up is more than welcome to :) :) :)

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Re: Anyone can buy top players

i have joined as rangers. the only reason i haven't previously been that much on the forums was the speed of my computer.. its upgraded now though so no excuses :}

i am gonna have a struggle here with my fave club though.. some very good teams around me.. loans would really be appreciated to help beef up my squad lol

good luck everyone.. and if you create another setup i would gladly join it!

but i'd want rangers or maybe everton lol **** i'd probably take aberdeen if it meant getting into the league hahaha

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