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What i did with Derby in 2 weeks :)

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Hey all. I took over Derby County in English championship setup 711 on 23rd Dec '07 after season 1,turn 1 and after their 1st game.

My idea was simply sell the team as i didn't see any risers and buy players i think will rise(with help by friends on forums info).I'm making this thread due to some guy laughing at me placing all my players on the transfer list and then 2 games later I beat his Bolton team, he then asked me how i transformed my team so here it is, Transfers (in order)


Players in from Turn 1

Rui Patricio G/19/75/400k

Muratori LB/20/75/350k

Vercoutre G/27/85/3.0M

Pjanic M/17/70/10k

Gokhan RB/23/71/10k

Hutton RB/23/86/£3.0M & Michael JOHNSON & Robert MALCOLM

Bruno LM/23/76/375k

Lulinha AM/F/17/75/450k

N'Gog CF/18/73/125k

Bayal Sall DM/22/80/1.4M

Turn 2

Angel Montoro CM/19/75/300k

Sissoko DM/18/75/375k

Malonga LM/F/20/74/250k

Rami CB/22/73/100k

Valbuena AM/RM23/82/£2.0M & Theo STREETE

Arnaud W/F20/76/£500k & Mitchell HANSON

Inigo CF/25/74/150k

Lejeune CF/22/78/850k

Bojan F/17/80/1.5M

Ben Arfa W/F/20/86/5.7M

Fazio CB/20/83/3.0M

McDonald F/24/87/4.8M

Giovani /F/AM/18/82/2.0M

Maldini CB/LB/39/91/325k

Kabore LM/CM/19/75/£400k & Miles ADDISON

Turn 3

Marcelo LB/19/87/£6.5M & Marc EDWORTHY

Balotelli F/17/72/50k

Nocerino CM/RM/22/87/£3.0M & Claude DAVIS

Benzema F/20/89/£7.0M & Stephen BYWATER & Lee HOLMES

Turn 4

Miguel Veloso DM/CB/21/88/£6.7M & Andy TODD & Darren MOORE

Players out from Turn 2

Pearson LM/CM/25/85/5.5M

McEveley LB/22/84/5.6M

Macken CF/32/82/1.8M

Feilhaber DM/22/84/4.8M

Turn 3

Jones CM/23/85/6.3M

Miller F/28/87/6.2M

Camara LB/32/83/1.5M

Turn 4

Lewis LM/LB/33/84/3.1M

Price G/23/82/3.1M

Turn 5

Leacock CB/RB/23/85/5.0M

Fagan W/F/25/84/3.6M

Turn 6

Howard CF/31/85/2.3M

Teale RM/W/29/84/2.8M

On Loan

Anderson Am/CM/18/86/Loan

I have 2 final signings to be completed by tomorrow them being:

Westermann CB/LB/24/88/£0k & Andy GRIFFIN & Matt OAKLEY

Quaresma W/24/93/£19.8M & Giles BARNES & Rob EARNSHAW

My team will then be playing a 4-3-3 wingers formation.

Mentality Defensive playing a counter attack,tight marking system.

G Vercoutre 85

LB Marcelo 87

CB Maldini 91

CB Westermann 88

RB Hutton 86

DM Miguel Veloso 88

CM L.Anderson 86

CM Nocerino 87

W Quaresma 93

W Ben Arfa 86

F Benzema 89

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Re: What i did with Derby in 2 weeks :)

Derby didn't start with that much cash and i was very fortunate with the sale of some players, but i understand what ur saying as i'm in a english setup it's easier to buy players like maldini,etc but it's the risers and the building of the squad which obviously not anyone can do.

Ben Arfa 86 to 89

Bayal Sall 80 to 86

Muratori 75 to 84

Benzema 89 to 91

Malonga 74 to 83

Vercoutre 85 to 87

Valbuena 82 to 86

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