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Crazy Horse1

GW Equalizer Not for Children

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Hi Guys,


We are about to enter in the  third season .We have 3 divisions  each div has  8 clubs .Economy is Strong and player concerns off. Squad cap is 35 max players.We are very strict with  the rules and there will be  harsh consequences for the  new offenders! For your info previous offenders were removed from the GW. In third season we will  allow to buy 86 rated players.We are building teams step by step each season  what makes this GW challenging.   . We have all checked and dedicated managers who are not childishly playing few matches and abandoning clubs after few losses or even worse piling up the players and leaving the club in the mess . Only  serious and dedicated managers  will be allowed  who can stay for several  seasons and not just few matches .

This is private GW which we paid for .We have conditions  and u must  follow it.End of discussion .


Please dont waste our time and energy if u plan to make circus in our GW  .There are plenty of the public GW  for those kind of things.

Game Id  391350

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