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The Ryder Cup of SM (American Managers Wanted!)

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As discussed on another thread...

We're looking for American managers to take part in the Ryder Cup of SM. European teams with European managers versus American teams with American managers.

Number of teams will depend on the number of managers we get. The teams will be chosen to be of a similar size (Barca, Bayern etc are too big compared to MLS teams, so it will be smaller clubs). 

Please give me a message or post here if you're interested in joining!

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So far we have a million Europeans but only 6 Americans confirmed (waiting to hear back from a few more) but could do with more if anyone can recommend anyone! Thinking about perhaps including Canadian managers since it'll be MLS teams and some of those are Canadian.

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1 minute ago, Kev said:

Well all the teams will be around the same size to make it fair, so no Barca or Bayern or whatever! There would be too much of an advantage against the smaller MLS teams. In fact one guy has even picked a team from the USL.

So I want the best of the rest ;)

No I'm joking. ;)


Okay, when do you open the gw ?

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2 minutes ago, Sir Metz said:

Hey Kev, I’m American. Still have space? And I assume you already started, how late am I? Lol

Yes, Houston still need a manager! I've been taking care of them with my spare account so the chairman doesn't buy back the original players, but I've quit now so you can take them if you want. We've had 4 games of the new season but it's all fairly even and there are plenty of players available. 399037 

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On 7/19/2019 at 8:05 PM, Kev said:

Looking for an American manager to take over Houston Dynamo! Game World ID 399037 

Info https://nwomanager.wixsite.com/website

After 2 seasons it's currently Europe 1 - 1 USA

We have a space for an American manager and a European manager in the Ryder Cup of SM! New season starts this week. 


Info: https://nwomanager.wixsite.com/website

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