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The Chairman's Super League (TCSL)

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This new league starts on Sunday 03 February 2019.

The gameworld stands apart as it has an idea that has never been tried in Soccermanager before.

The main feature is that you are the manager of a club but a the same time you are the chairman of another club.

Here are the rules :

1.As the chairman you will appoint the manager of your choice.If your manager under performs then you may decide to fire your manager and contact another manager for the job.

2.As the manager you will be responsible for the decisions during the matches (tactics).You will also choose which players to buy or sell but all your transfer moves must be approved by your chairman.You cannot go against your chairman unless your chairman has given you all freedom on transfers.

3.If a manager buys or sell a player against his chairman's wish then the latter may decide to fire him.The chairman must in that case inform me and I being the GW owner will take actions.

4.If a manager is fired he will stay in the game world.He will be offered a job in division 4 and he will continue to manage the club until he is contacted by another chairman.There will therefore be no chairman in division 4 and this division will be used for fired or new managers.

5.All new managers who want to join this GW will manage a division 4 club until a chairman contacts him for another job.

6. There are 2 transfer Windows.....First one start from turn 1 and ends at turn 5...The second one starts at turn 20 and ends at turn 25.

7. A manager cannot do transfer with the team in which he is the chairman.There should not be any conflict of interest.

All new managers who are interested to join in will have to apply for a division 4 club first.Then when there is a job available they can contact the chairman of that club.They will also be asked to pick a team for which they will be the chairman.

Game id : 398699


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