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Players who missed upratings

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SM has recently finished updating the Dutch league and I feel a few players were missed and should of definitely gone up.

Frankie De Jong (Ajax) - I know De Jong has recently agreed to sign for Barcelona in the summer but he is still an Ajax player so there is no reason why he shouldn't of gone up. He plays every game for Ajax, he plays Champions League football and is now starting games for Holland. He should be at least an 87/88. Ridiculous to still have him as an 83.

Maximilian Wober (Ajax) - Just recently signed for Sevilla so I don't know if the change will come when the Spanish league gets looked at again. But I still believe he should of had a tiny uprating. Played 8 games for Ajax, started 4 and now has made an appearance for Sevilla. Currently an 82, think he should gone up to an 83/84.

Sam Larsson (Feyenoord) - Currently rated at an 86 but has played 18 league games this season, starting 16 and scoring 4 goals. I think he definitely warranted an uprating of an 87, maybe an 88.

Jerry St. Juste (Feyenoord) - Another solid starter for Feyenoord, making 15 appearances with 14 starts & 1 goal. Currently at an 85 rating but in my opinion he should be an 86 or 87.

Jan-Arie Van Der Heijden (Feyenoord) - Currently rated at an 86 but is the heartbeat of Feyenoord's defence, playing every game for them this season with 18 starts and 2 goals. I think she should of gone up to an 87 or 88 regardless of his age.

Sven Van Beek (Feyenoord) - Hasn't played as many games as some of the other Feyenoord players this season but he's made enough for a small uprating. He hasn't gone up since 2015. Made 10 appearances with 9 starts so think he could maybe rise one.

Nasser El Khayati (ADO Den Haag) - Had an amazing season so far for a poor side, scoring 14 goals in 18 games and is the 4th top scorer in the league at the moment and he's a midfielder. The fact he only went up 1 to an 83 is a joke really. He should easily be an 85/86 in my opinion.

That's all I've got at the minute but would like to hear people's opinions and views on this and if they agree with me and hopefully SM can take another look at these players and rate them to what they deserve.

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