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After a while away from the game and exploring other soccer managing avenues i have returned to our oh so beloved game to win some more damn trophies and shame these brits! (lmfao, i'm just kidding britain, you know i love you).


ANYWAYS, down to business! I call this new tactic, lets call it a leap of faith. because you are literally commiting your results to the hands of madness.


Firstly: Formation

We will be going with the amazing, bedazzling 3-3-4* Formation

(*-with some editing)

I'm sure you can see why i called it a leap of faith. If there is one thing we have learnt from guardiola is that a formation with more midfielders will win you any match because if you can win the midfield battle, the rest is up to good finishing. BUT goals win games and if you overload the opposition, they are bound to make a mistake or two, effectively winning you the game.


The Fullbacks - Unedited

The Midfield - Two of your most defensive midfielders will have an arrow drawn to the defensive side.

                          Your most defensive midfielders will have an arrow drawn to the attacking side.

The Attack -  Will remain unedited. (This gives them a creative freedom).


Secondly : Instructions

Team Instructions

Tackling Style - Hard.

Mentality - Attacking.

Passing Style - Mixed.

Attacking - Mixed.

Tempo - Fast.

Pressing - All Over.


Play Style

Counter Attack, Men Behind Ball, Tight Marking, Playmaker, Offside Trap - Yes.

Target Man  - No.

N.B - Due to the all out attack nature, a play-maker will be employed for more coordination



Ideally you would want two.



Situation - Any Score 60th Min - Swap a defender and any other player of your choice (two subs max only)



Situation - Losing/LosingorDrawing 75th Min - Put your fastest players on the wing or sub one on OR sub a striker


Team Instructions

Tackling Style - Hard.

Mentality - V.Attacking.

Passing Style - Long Ball.

Attacking - Down Both Flanks.

Tempo - Fast.

Pressing - All Over.


Play Style

Counter Attack, Men Behind Ball, Tight Marking, Offside Trap - Yes.

Target Man, Playmaker  - No.

N.B - Due to the fact that you are now losing LMFAO , a play-maker will be the most annoying thing especially when you just want to wreck your opponent.



N.B - This tactic works BEST WITH FAST WINGERS irrespective of squad rating but not squad depth. Average squads can use this formation too.

N.B - Better teams with the likes of Ronaldo, Messi, have a 50-60% chance of beating you, especially on a good day. This is NOT! magic.


Let me know if it works for you, i'm happy to help with personal formation setting.

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