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Click To Save Lives

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I got this off another forum, and decided to share it here.

Take a daily visit to this site & click on the yellow button.

Every click helps feed the hungry with the value of 1.1 cups of staple food.

Food is paid for by the sponsors of the site & it doesn't cost you anything except a couple of seconds of your time.








As you can see, these are all charity sites that just require you to click on a button to help out those in need, or save a rainforest from destruction, or give a child a proper education.

In case you're wondering, this organization really does do everything it claims to. Like I said, each click means the sponsors will pay for the food, mammograms, etc.

I think this thread should be stickied so that everyone gets to notice it, as it’s a noble endeavour deserving recognition and awareness.

I try to click all the buttons every time I'm online, and so should you. :)


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Re: Click To Save Lives

Wow! These sites are amazing, not only does it save lives... But it also teaches US to appreciate the things we have. Most of us hate school (Those kids WANT an education. Most of us throw our unwated food away (Those kids are dying of starvation)

Great thread mate no doubt, everybody please click and save lives.

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Re: Click To Save Lives

I'm glad to see all the support this thread has received, we really do have some good people here in the forum. :)

All that remains to be done is for the thread to be stickied so that it comes to the attention of everyone.

We could also provide the link to this thread in our signatures like Luke has done, that way even more people will notice it.

Hope its stickied soon.

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Re: Click To Save Lives

makes me unhappy that we worship players like ronaldo and yet they earn 110k a week


That has nothing got to do with this.

Players like Ronaldo earn this much because they have a talent in football. That is their job, a professional footballer.

These poor people are just unfortunate that they have nothing.

You're lucky that you have the luxuries - Same as Ronaldo's lucky that he has the talent which was spotted

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Re: Click To Save Lives

Just thought i'd re-open this.

Its incredibly important and isnt fake, it actually does save lives.

It only takes 30seconds of your time a day, surely you can do that to provide the hungry with food, the ill to be treated the illiterate children to read, the rainforest (the lungs of the earth that provides us all with air) to remain and animals to survive.

I Urge and Plead with you to add this thread to your sig as i have done to remind yourself and others of the importance of this and how you can help others for free and especially as they are more in need than most of us could ever imagine.


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