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I have three worlds which form THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE. These worlds will consist of 1 league of 16 teams in which the bottom three teams managers will be sacked. They will be replaced by managers on the waiting list. If no managers on list then sacked managers can apply again. The top teams(if managed) from a & b will then be promoted into the top world, also the best placed second team out of both leagues will be promoted. So the three worlds are THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE(P) - 405910, THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE(a) - 400589 & THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE(b) - 400590

You can start in either Bermuda Triangle(a) or Bermuda Triangle(b). These are PRIZE worlds which means that you must also participate in one of my NON PRIZE worlds listed below.

42534 - 64572 - 371683 - 377022 - 381677 - 382583 - 372457 - 380213 - 406293 - 384471 - 407394 - 41864 - 403967 - 411364 - 412445 - 380237 - 60685

TOP PRIZE of 10,000 SM credits for the manager who wins THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE(P)

The PRIZES will be 5,000 SM credits for winning Bermuda Triangle(a) & Bermuda Triangle(b). I will also give 1,000 SM credits to the best placed team between a & b who will gain promotion.


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