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A few guys from the forum are already in TFSL, but for those who aren't, it's a very competitive long term championship comprising of 80 teams from around the British Isles. 

It's a totally interactive GW. We have a very active Facebook group, regular match reports, previews, transfer news and more. There are regular video panel shows (not always serious, these include a great deal of humour and interesting features), prediction shows and other fun videos. 

Rather than having a waiting list, there is now TFSL2, two extra divisions which act as a kind of feeder league for the main GW, so anyone who's interested in joining won't have to wait before getting in on the action and being able to access all the social and interactive features that we have.

If you're interested in joining, please message me here or post below, or message me or James Murray in SM before applying.

It's probably the best GW around, so you know you want to!

You can check the info and watch some of the videos on our website. http://tfsl.cf

TFSL2 ID: 400318


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40 minutes ago, Dracolis said:

I'm interested in joining. I would prefer to be in Division 2 to start off with. Maybe with Connor's Quay or one of the foreign teams.

Apply for which team you want, that'll let James (the owner) see your profile so he can message you with info and things! What's your SM name?

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1 minute ago, Nigel_B said:

Oh thanks a lot ! It's just to know if it's a ban or if I can come back to the club I was managing (Brentford)

I've sent you a friend request in the game. Go to my friends list and you'll find James there. You can message him that way. 

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