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Excel Sports GW is HERE!

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Hi everyone, the Excel Sports Game World with 5 Divisions in English football has been launched! 

With real life regulations applied (transfer rules and manager targets) as our external rules, you will really enjoy the most realistic managing experience ever on SM! You can also join our Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ExcelSports/ (the list of rules is also available there), come join us and you will be offered club that is still available! Division 1 is almost full, with managers also filling up in Division 2 and 3.

Transfer budgets are a true reflection of the real-world financial status of the clubs too! Join the fun guys! Season starts 27th May :)





Excel Sports Game World Rules:

1. A squad cap of 43 players 
Maximum in Senior/First Team: 23
Maximum in Youth Team: 20

2. The squad cap of 43 still applies on loaned-in players as well. (Eg. You can only sign players on loan if your current squad cap is lesser than 43).

3. Only Division 3,4 and 5 teams are allowed to take in up to 3 additionally loaned-in players, on top of the current 43 squad cap.

4. Any player below the age of 21 can be transferred to the Youth Team, therefore freeing an extra slot for a senior player on the First Team. (Eg. Mbappe, De Lijt, Alexander-Arnold can be classified as Youth Team players).

5. When a high-profile job becomes available, interested managers can send their applications to the Board of Admin. If there are multiple applications, applicants will be required to stake their claim; outlining their targets and what they can offer for their new club.

A Majority's Decision will be provided by the Board of Admin in the announcement of the new manager. If, by any reason, we are unable to provide the Majority's Decision, a post will be created in the News Feed for other manager's in the Game World to have a say.


Transfer Rules:

1. Transfer windows
Window 1: Pre-season to Turn 4
Window 2: Turn 18 to Turn 22

2. Managers are still allowed to have transfer negotiations anytime, but deals will only be completed once the transfer window reopens.

3. Loans will last the whole season, unless mutually agreed upon by both managers to terminate earlier.

NOTE: Only managers that inherit an unmanaged club can have the option to terminate ongoing loan spells. Managers that take-over a managed club (by replacing a previous manager) must honor ongoing loan deals.

4. Non-play rule against parent club can be implemented. (Players on-loan are prohibited to play against their parent club).

5. 'Cash Loan Deals' can be implemented for loan deals that are agreed to last for 2-or-more seasons. The parent club accepts the bid from the external club, with an option to 'Re-buy' the player after the transfer ban expires at base value.

Conversations of mutually agreed Cash Loan Deals between two managers can be saved and posted on our Facebook group for future references.

NOTE: Failure in compliance to this rule will result in the manager losing his/her position.

6. If a club has more than 23 First Team players and/or 20 Youth players, the manager must take immediate action to loan and/or sell the players until the squad cap is abided.

NOTE: Any team that exceeds the squad cap will be handed a final warning of either selling or loaning the additional player/s 2 days before the transfer window closes.

7. The manager of a player's parent club can demand the minimum number of appearances to any interested clubs, before deciding to proceed with the loan deal.

If the minimum number of appearances is not met (barring any injuries) during mid-season, the manager of the parent club reserves the right to terminate the loan when the transfer window reopens in Turn 18.

Lastly, any failure in abidance to the transfer rules above will result in a 2-season transfer ban. Manager compliance is essential to produce a realistic managing experience for everyone. Nonetheless, we are part of a unique Game World with trustworthy individuals. Let's enjoy the beautiful game!




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