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Under 21 player discussion

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With a little bit of time on my hands I decided to make a low rated side rated 83 and below and under 21 years of age. The idea is to make a side that will hopefully get gametime in the new season and hopefully rise up the ratings. 

Here is my third  select XI:


I invite others to make a side and post it. I used footballuser.com for the formation setup.


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8 hours ago, samfarrow said:

Made a team of players 76 rating and under who are a bit lesser known who I think will get plenty of game time next season




Thanks for joining in. I am busy snapping up some of these :)

3 hours ago, thorgan lesar said:

I will make in one of the following days


I look forward to it.



Hopefully we can get @TMCosta to put together a XI wether that be under 83 or any other variables.

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Some names in the Brazilian championship to keep an eye on: Sarrafiore and Nonato (internacional), Vitinho (Athletico), Marrony (Vasco da Gama), Pepe (gremio), Raniel (sao paulo), Artur Guimarães (bahia), Pedro Guilherme ( Fluminense), João Pedro (Fluminense), Guga (atletico mineiro), all with many minutes and very high quality.

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1 hour ago, Elizeu Campos said:

Alguns nomes do campeonato do Brazil para ficar de olho: Sarrafiore e Nonato (internacional), Vitinho (athletico), Marrony (vasco da gama), Pepe (gremio), Raniel (são paulo), Artur Guimarães (bahia), Pedro Guilherme (fluminense), João Pedro (fluminense), Guga (atlético mineiro) todos estão jogando muitos minutos e demonstrando terem boa qualidade. 

English please

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Loving it. You should put the ratings in though as when you look back in a year or so you can see how far they have come on or if they have stagnated.


Here is a select XI under  83 rated team that should get some gametime next season in the EPL. I did struggle for a goalkeeper, I was going to go with Muric of Man City but he has been loaned out to the championship so I sort of cheated and added in Gunn as even though he is 23 he now looks like Southamptons first choice.

Dream Team 4-1-3-2 football formation


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30 minutes ago, thorgan lesar said:

What do you think of my teams for the moment ? (this is just a beginning ;) ) @sirmarkhughes

Update: I changed my team a little bit (the one 6 hours before this post -- Okereke)

@samfarrow thanks for this site :)

 Yeah looks great and keeeps the thread bobbing along. I will come back and give + when it allows.

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