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Under 21 player discussion

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Atletico Madrid interested in Athletico Paranaense mid Bruno Guimarães for €30m. They agreed to a purchase priority for the player along with the Lodi deal.

Bruno Guimarães :: Bruno Guimarães Rodriguez Moura ...


source: http://globoesporte.globo.com/pr/futebol/times/athletico-pr/noticia/atletico-de-madrid-tem-prioridade-em-negociacao-com-bruno-guimaraes-por-30-milhoes-de-euros.html


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A place to talk about younger players getting gametime, call-ups, transfers, scoring goals etc. The forum does not have so many active threads and when building teams most people like to buy youn

Made a team of players 76 rating and under who are a bit lesser known who I think will get plenty of game time next season

Gaetan Coucke(20y) will get his chance as first goalkeeper for Krc Genk ( also in CL!), because Vukovic is out for 6 months...

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10 hours ago, sirmarkhughes said:

Atletico Madrid interessado no Athletico Paranaense no meio de Bruno Guimarães por € 30m. Eles concordaram com uma prioridade de compra para o jogador, juntamente com o acordo de Lodi.

Bruno Guimarà £ es :: Bruno Guimarães Rodriguez Moura ...


fonte:  http://globoesporte.globo.com/pr/futebol/times/athletico-pr/noticia/atletico-de-madrid-tem-prioridade-em-negociacao-com-bruno-guimaraes-por-30-milhoes- de-euros.html


One of the best midfielder in Brazil in a long time, excellent player. Already refused 40M € from china.

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1 hour ago, thorgan lesar said:

I really like your thread @sirmarkhughes

Nice job :)

Thanks buddy, the under 21 aspect of football is an interesting subject matter.

I am making a new offshoot thread of ten to follow under 21 for each of the TOP 5 divisions of players rated under 82/83 rated. Will get stuck in about it over the next few days.


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