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Tactical information

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Hi! I´ve been playing this game for a few weeks (even though my account is 10 years old) and I still have not found a website or guide inside or outside the game that explains the effect of each instruction or formation. There are some usefull posts here on the forum, but not a place where it is said exactly, for example, what does "Men behind ball" do, how does it affect your attack, defense, midfielders or forwards. All I can do to create my tactis is figure out based on my personal knowledge on football and a little of what I see in the match report how is it going to perform, but several times the result is extremly different from what I expected and I feel that I´ve no information to find what went wrong. 

Also the post that are fixed in "Tactical help" are super old and it seems like all are obsolete. "A guide for newcomers" or "Counter formations" are 11 and 8 years old and I´ve tried some of what they say in the indicated conditions and found that it simply does not work, and not only once but several times. 

I would like to know if there is a website, post or something where to find good information about what each instruction does or something similar.


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