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Belle victoire 2/5 hier 

Tu as déjà juste mis attaque sur une aile droite ou gauche ? Car la plus grosse équipe du championnat à juste un point faible c'est le défenseur gauche...à part ça il joue tout le temps en 4231b offensif attaque sur les 2 ailes avec une équipe degea vandyck ramos varane marcelo Silva mbappe neymar Ronaldo messi kimmich casemiro jesus...c'est énorme il sa balade et je vais le jouer en finale de la ligue des champions...tu as un conseil à me donner..Je te remercie grace à toi je commence à être meilleur tactiquement..

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That team you describe is absolutely evil, but you can beat him. Against him I would simply play deffensive and try to have the ball to not to give him siege chances and deffend counter attacks. Trying to abuse his "weaker" player may be a good idea, but I believe that the key factor will be keeping him away from the ball as much as possible. If I were you with your also super strong team I would try to play something like this. 

451B, hard tackling, short passing style, slow tempo, normal mentality, mixed attacking, own half pressure, men behind ball and your best midfielder as playmaker. I think that your team if you play with your best player should be able to fight him without playing defensive. 

If you want to play more defensive I think that you should play 451B or 541A, short passing style, normal tempo, defensive mentality, mixed attacking, all over pressure, soft tackling, tight marking, men behind ball and counter attack. 

His team is so strong that It is really hard to figure out what would work better against him. Since your lateral defenders are the weakest of your team and he plays down both flanks I think that playing agressive would be a bad idea. The only "sure" key I would dare to say is that you want to have the ball (your midfield and defense is good enough and you don't want him to siege you). He is stronger but not enough to force you to play on your own area and counter attacking. 

I've used the strategy of attacking down the flank where his worst player was just once, I won but I don't know if it was because of that or because of the general approach. 

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I'm not experienced in playing super defensive, but the few times I've done I obtained very difFerent results but I don't know why. I don't know what is it good against, but I believe that it could be usefull against super ofensive teams that play fast tempo and attacking mentality because they try to shoot as quick as possible, miss a lot of balls and then you can counter attack. But according to my logic (which is not very reliable) playing super defensive should be a terrible idea if the rival plays a possesion style with low tempo because his team will not miss balls in a position that allows a counter attack and will constantly siege you, so the best result would be a draw. 

I'm not sure if it works this way but well, it makes sense. 

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Merci pour votre aide j'ai gagné même 3 derniers matchs.

Je joue la finale de la ligue des champions contre la meilleure équipe du championnat..mes joueurs disponibles sont : leno Walker Godin umtiti sandro verrati allan Arthur insigne son aubameyang cavani devrij piatek 

Eriksen et pogba sont suspendus 😥

J'hésite entre 3 formations : 541b - 4231b ou 451b , 451b me semble pas mal

Voici son équipe :

Screenshot_20190908-225535_SM Worlds.jpg

Screenshot_20190908-225732_SM Worlds.jpg

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Wow, his team is as strong as overrated xD Neymar, Ronaldo, Ramos and De Gea are nowadays overrated at least in 2 points, so he is really lucky but it will not last for too long (I hope). 

I think that there are 2 options, depending on how much do you rely on your squad and the style he chooses to play. 

I guess that he will see that he is stronger, so he will probably play some kind of attacking style. You should check his previous matchs to see if he always plays 4231. You can do it in the upper bar - competitions - league - roursults and check his matchs. If he is a 4231 abuser I would recomend you to play 451B, I have not played much games against stronger teams who played 4231, but both 451 A and B have worked well for me against that. But what will make the difference will be the passing style and tempo he uses. If he plays direct and fast tempo and you play deffensive-possesion you will crush him, he will crash over and over again against your defense to have to run behind the ball after that. But if he plays short passing and slow tempo the constant siege will probably result in 1 or 2 goals and only a few counter attacking chances for you, It is difficult.

I guess that the best you can do is to check his previous matchs, and if he always plays 4231 direct-fast tempo you can play this:

451B, defensive, own half, soft tackling, mixed attacking, short passing, slow tempo, tight marking, men behind ball and verratti as playmaker. To be honest, you are a bit ed because you lost 2 of your best midfielders, so he does have better midfielders than you. Because of this, trying to hold the ball may be a bad idea since they could simply steal it because of their rating advantage, I'm not sure if this is going to happen. In this case, you may try to go for direct/long ball passing, normal tempo and counter attack. This way you will simply kick the ball out of your area and go for the lonely goal, but this will mean more possession for him, and more possession means more scoring chances. 

The other option is to be a pussy and play super defensive. Again this would work well against direct passing-fast tempo but bad against possession and siege. 

532A, very defensive, own area, hard tackling, mixed attacking, long ball and the tempo you prefer. I have not played this many times so I'm not sure about what tempo is better. I just have a single game on my schedule playing this style, I chose normal tempo and the only shot on target was goal xD Logic says that if your intention is to go for a lonely goal in a counter attack the best choice is fast tempo, I don't imagine an slow counter attack, but to be honest I am unable to figure out how will it work because you may find a lot of shots but none on target. I guess that slow tempo is the best, less counter attacks but better "quality". Try what you prefer. After this, counter attack is 100% necessary and also men behind ball. 

If you check his games and see that he uses to play slow tempo and short passing you should use the first defensive tactic but with all over pressure and hard tackling to fight him the ball. 

It is pretty hard to decide what to play in this situation, but it is not impossible. I will be looking forward for that result xD GL

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